Engaged and getting married in Ghana – Ghana Forum

Engaged and getting married in Ghana – Ghana Forum

Can some body please advise me on engaged and getting married in Ghana, the laws and/or traditions, engaged and getting married during the court household and necessary and necessary documents in order to make this a legal wedding. I’m a citizen that is american will intend to marry a Ghanaain perhaps in Ghana.

my partner that is ghanian (ashanti from kumasi)says, that primarily in ghana its by “tribal wedding” that’s where you may well ask the moms and dads , ask them to a celebration, you spend some cash to your household ( only ?200)& provide them with usually a glass or two ,traditionally schnaps-the german liquor. After that you can have blessing in a church.

In Ghana my partner states that “they do not stand much” from the type that is official of.

We married in england because of circumstances involving law that is british visa dilemmas. my advice is to marry in the usa , after which execute a traditional wedding in Ghana. we’re going to circumvent up to a marriage that is traditional the long term.

I simply gone back to great britain from engaged and getting married in Ghana (I am British he’s from Ghana )

Then as the previous post said , you would need to have a traditional engagment if the family are into tradition , like mine .

that will be the area snapps , cash (we did 1 million cedis ) when it comes to brides moms and dads, a bible (for the bride ) fabric when it comes to mom (it sybolizes one thing related to the delivery ) and a present that is token the daddy.Continue reading